Paige Dunham!

Businesswoman, philanthropist, mother, and advocate for divorced women, Paige Dunham has made a name for herself over the years through her work with various charity organizations, her business savvy skills, and her advice for people of all ages going through break-ups and divorce.  This year, Paige will take on the role of Executive Producer with the feature film FACE OF LOVE [Mockingbird Pictures.]  Starring Robin Williams, Ed Harris, and Annette Bening, the film tells the story of a widow who falls for a man who bears a striking resemblance to her late husband.  When not working, Paige dedicates her time to various charities.  She is also passionate about teaching parents to show their children how to give back, just as she has done with her three daughters. Paige has recently joined the Canines For Disabled Kids (CDK) team as ambassador, encouraging support of this amazing organization.  Please join Paige and show your support for the work CDK does with children and service dogs throughout the U.S.

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