Expand the world for a child with disabilities through the use of a service dog.

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Information and application for monetary assistance in obtaining service dogs for kids under 18

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Tufts Presentation – Canceled

Tufts Adventures in Veterinary Medicine Presentation – Cancelled

Cancelled – Chicago Abilities Expo

Update – Chicago abilities Expo will be postponed until 2021.   CDK will be presenting at the Chicago Abilities Expo on Friday July 10 from 12-12:30!  Come down and say Hi!  There are booths, workshops Read More >



   “…Kristin Hartness and Canines for Disabled Kids really went to bat for me,” …  “Kristin guided me through the process of talking with the media.  She helped me educate the reporter and the public on what the laws were and why we were asking for them to provide a handler for Paris to attend school with Austin.”

     “I owe a lot to Kristin because she taught me how to effectively and professionally talk to the media so that there was no negative backlash to our family.”

Ericha F.
Mom of Austin

- Ericha F