Facts about Canines for Disabled Kids

September 1, 2017 – August 31, 2018
Founded March 1998

CDK is a 501c3 non-profit organization. The Tax ID number (or EIN) is 04-3412812

Our Mission:
To increase independence for children with disabilities and their families through the use of service dogs by creating partnerships, understanding and awareness throughout the community.

CDK’s programs provided services to over 3,500 people across 11 states in FY 2017.

It costs $49 per person to provide educational materials, presentations and individual support across the country.

All service provided by CDK are free of charge to the charge to the individual, families, schools or other groups. CDK receives only private funding from individuals, corporations, fundraising events,
civic groups, and grants.
Federal employees can select Canines for Disabled Kids for payroll deduction; our CFC number is 11810. State employees and some company campaigns also allow for CDK to receive payroll deduction funding. In these cases the ID number will vary. Write in donations are often available as well.

Current Overhead
In FY 2017 CDK spent only 21% of our total revenue on overhead. This means 79 cents of every dollar received is spent on program services

CDK has 3 part time employees working out of the national offices in Worcester, MA

We are grateful to all who volunteer their time and services to impact our mission. CDK was fortunate to receive support from many volunteers throughout the year including our Board of Directors, Educational Program Volunteers and College Interns. We are a much stronger organization because of these individuals.

If you would like a copy of our financial audit or most recent 990, please contact the office and we will send them to you.

Contact the office at either 978 422 5299 or info@caninesforkids.org