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Here is a list of some of CDK’s favorite businesses.  They are businesses who are, or have, supported our mission during their tenure, and we are incredibly grateful for their generosity.  Please visit and let them know that you value their support of CDK!

 CDK Apparel and Accessories from Bonfire
 CDK Apparel and Accessories

Genevieves Chocolates and Gift Wrap Fundraiser!



EnterNextGeneration – EnterNextGeneration is donating a portion of the proceeds from weekender/laptop bag found here! Check them out!

Vending & Vybing – 
Vending & Vybing is a vending machine business started by Aaron Catolico & Sheneka James in hopes of helping children with disabilities to achieve their dreams, goals, & aspirations. We plan on giving back to those who are in need and making sure to contribute to these families where such necessary funding is needed. It makes us happy to see the smiles, happiness
& knowing that we can help change the lives of these next generations of children. In doing this, we know that our primary goals 
are being accomplished.

Bead Relief – Canines for Disabled kids has partnered with Bead Relief in order to help raise awareness to educate the public about assistance dogs. With every sale of one Bead Relief bracelet, 25% of your purchase will be donated to our cause. For just $5, one of these charming bands can be yours, and you will feel pleased to know your support will continue the mission of Canines for disabled kids.  Bead Relief is An Establishment focused on the aid of raising funds to help support various non-profit groups like CDK. Through the sale of these unique bracelets, you can help make a difference today by spreading awareness in your community!

Once Upon a Rose Princess – Debbie Mamone wrote a book for children inspired  a friend’s newborn who had medical challenges in the first few months of her life and she gets taught important life lessons about virtue from her sister ( a black lab ) and other fur friends from around the world . The book is available for sale now on Amazon.  The book is on twitter @jasminefuriend and there is also a Facebook account – once upon a rose princess – a story about Jasmjne and her Fur – friends and by my name Debbie Mamone.

Viridian Energy – Canines for Disabled Kids would like to announce a partnership with Viridian Energy, in an effort to raise funds for our scholarship program.  This fund raiser will allow our donors to save on the cost of their electricity, provide a greener electricity to our nation’s grid and provide revenue to Canines for Disabled Kids without us having to ask for a dime!

This electricity program is for both companies and residences, and will soon include our ability to save you on Natural Gas costs!

Regal Point Vizslas – Donated Jozsi the demo dog!  The Sullivans are also huge supporters of CDK, and we are so thankful for everything they do for us!

Kids Can Give, too! – Kids Can Give Too is a charity birthday party idea with an awesome twist that your kids will love!  Children GIVE to a charity of their choice and they GET a Visa gift card to buy a birthday present. Make gift giving more meaningful for your kid, your party guests and CDK!!

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