Virtual Learning

Looking for something a little different for remote home schooling, cub scouts, girl scouts and other groups?
Google Hangout, Zoom and other platforms can help
us stay connected during COVID-19.
Learn all about service dogs with us!
Service dogs learn many things that our students and scouts practice every day:
 No bullying
 The Importance of Sharing
 New Experiences are Fun
 Helping others
Learning about the variety of tools people use to stay active and involved in the community can help to expand a student’s understanding of diversity, and open minds to the many ways everyone can be included.
Learn how service dogs work with individuals who have a disability, provide greater independence, and about proper service dog etiquette and the many ways community support enrich the lives of all.
Appropriate for all ages.
Contact Kristin or Mallory by phone or email. or 978 422 5299 ext 1001 or 978 422 5299 ext 1002

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