Once Upon a Rose Princess and Sequel!

Debbie Mamone wrote a book for children, Once Upon a Rose Princess inspired by a friend’s newborn who had medical challenges in the first few months of her life.  She gets taught important life lessons about virtue from her sister ( a black lab ) and other fur friends from around the world. The book is available for sale now on Amazon, and has some wonderful, heartfelt reviews! Go check it out!  A portion of the proceeds will go toward helping CDK, and other children with the difficulties in their lives.

Go to the book on Amazon by clicking here.


Debbie’s daughter Gabriele has recently released Once Upon a Rose Princess: Adventures Around the Campfire.  It is available on Amazon and Createspace.  If purchased on Createspace a greater portion of the purchase price can be donated to CDK.   The link for Createspace can be reached by clicking this sentence.


For more info, please watch this youtube video about the series!

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