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You Can Connect a Child with Disabilities to a Service Dog!

Kaylyn, KK to her family and friends, is an energetic little girl who loves life. She was born with a very rare condition called mastocytosis, which causes KK to have mild to severe allergic reactions to unknown triggers.  These reactions can be life threatening, and occur with little warning.

KK’s mom Michelle heard about a type of service dog called a medical response dog, which would alert to KK’s oncoming episodes and help her to live a more independent life. After running into a number of “ big obstacles such as training programs only training certain skills, or not wanting to train a service dog for a child, Michelle contacted Canines for Disabled Kids (CDK).

Through the generous support of caring individuals like you, and with guidance from CDK, KK’s family was able to find a service dog training program which trained her medical response dog JJ. (To read more about KK and JJ as well as the many other children impacted by people like you, go to

Together, we can have an Impact

According to estimates, there are 500,000 children with disabilities who would benefit from the use of a service dog, yet there are only about 3,000 service dogs working with children today.

Your tax free donation to Canines for Disabled Kids (CDK) will help the families of children with disabilities learn about the benefits a service dog can provide their child, and help guide those families through the process of connecting with a service dog training program that will train a dog to meet their child’s needs. Your support also provides information to schools, businesses, and other community organizations which raises awareness and understanding of service dogs to help build gateways into the community for the child-canine service teams.

All of the services CDK provides are free of charge. On average it costs $460 per child to provide the personalized service in order to educate and match a child with a service dog training program that is right for them.

The Goal of the Spring Fundraiser is to raise enough money to connect 22 more children with service dogs which will cost $10,000.

Please help to change the lives of a child with disabilities by increasing their independence through the use of a service dog.

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