Aimee & Kitsy

  • Child's Name Aimee
  • Dog’s Name Kitsy
  • Type of Service
    Autism / Social Service Dog
  • Child's Disability
  • Training Program

We always knew that having a pet would provide the much-needed companionship that was missing in Aimee’s life. What we didn’t realize was just how profoundly all of our lives would change by having Kitsy join our family. Kitsy is the best friend anyone could ever have. Aimee is truly happy all the time with Kitsy by her side. Aimee has become more confident, social and interactive. We all spend lots of time playing and laughing together. Aimee is thrilled to take Kitsy into our community and tell everyone about her special friend. In addition to helping Aimee with her social skills, Kitsy provides stability and balance to Aimee when she walks in crowds. Our trips to the mall are so much more enjoyable with Kitsy at Aimee’s side. She no longer gets “bumped” and loses her balance. Kitsy makes sure she walks in a straight line and keeps her out of trouble. Kitsy has joined us for several family vacations and even flew to Hilton Head, South Carolina this past April. She was a model service dog and had all the flight staff swooning over her! At home when she’s “off duty” she loves playing ball in the yard with Aimee and loves her long walks with me. She also has several dog friends in the neighborhood. Kitsy visits Aimee at school regularly and has many admirers wherever she goes. When Aimee gets off the bus in the afternoon, Kitsy follows her upstairs to bed. They are a great team!

Our lives have been blessed with the addition of Kitsy to our family. Aimee works so hard at so many things. Her life is full of challenges and difficulties. The friendship and love provided by Kitsy has made an incredible difference in our lives. We will be forever grateful to the organizations that helped bring Kitsy to us.

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