Chelsea and Josette

  • Child's Name Chelsea
  • Dog’s Name Josette
  • Type of Service
    Medical Alert or Response Dogs
  • Child's Disability
  • Training Program
    Dogs 4 Diabetics

We recently heard from Chelsea’s mom :


” Chelsea and Josette are doing marvelous. We’re so thankful for the scholarship they received. Josette has constantly been there for Chelsea, checking her blood glucose levels & being there emotionally for her. In fact today, Josette did her super hero move and alerted Chelsea to check her BG levels. We did, and Chelsea’s manual meter said her BG was 102, with two arrows going down. If we had gone by her CGM (electric glucose monitor), which said her BG was 176, with two arrows going down, it could have been dyer for Chelsea. Because Josette alerted Chelsea we were able to stop her insulin pump and give her fast acting cards to bring her BG up. Once again, Josette saved the day.”

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