Erin & Roger

  • Child's Name Erin
  • Dog’s Name Roger
  • Type of Service
    Traditional / Mobility Service Dogs
  • Child's Disability
    Cerebal Palsy
  • Training Program

Before Roger came, it felt like there was a big, blank space. Now that he’s here, he can do things for me that I couldn’t do before. He helps me by shutting the lights on and off. He can fetch when I tell him to, then he’ll hold it. When I say “thank you” he gives it to me.

When he has his cape on and his gentle-leader, he knows its business. When we go to the Y, we say “leave it” so he won’t chase all the balls!

Roger goes everywhere with me because I need him. If he wasn’t there I wouldn’t do stuff. I lean on him to help me balance and he doesn’t mind. I can talk louder now because I had to practice my commands with him in training at the mall. Roger makes me feel glad because he’s my dog.

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