Katie & Cabot

  • Child's Name Katie
  • Dog’s Name Cabot
  • Type of Service
    Autism / Social Service Dog
  • Child's Disability
  • Training Program

Cabot was welcomed into our family in May 2006.  He has become a much-loved member of our family, as he is so easy to love.  He is such a big dog but he has such a big heart to match his size.  He wakes Katie up each morning by rubbing his nose into her face.  Katie used to have a hard time getting out of bed each morning.  It was a nightmare to get her ready for school on time.  Since Cabot has arrived she eagerly gets up to feed him each day.  She loves to toss his ball or teddy bear around for him to chase before she goes to school.  Cabot is there to greet her when she gets home with his tail wagging from all of his excitement.  He helps Katie when she drops things on the floor and is always close by for a hug or quick pat on the head.  She loves to brush him and take him for walks.  She has gotten very good at being in command when walking.  The exercise is great for her lungs and for her balance.  Whenever Katie needs a medical procedure, Cabot is right there by her side.  When it is Katie’s bedtime, Cabot goes right into his bed and goes to sleep too.  We can’t imagine life without Cabot.  He has stolen our hearts right from the start.

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