Krystal and Teddie

  • Child's Name Krystal
  • Dog’s Name Teddie
  • Type of Service
    Traditional / Mobility Service Dogs
  • Child's Disability
    Paralyzed below the waist
  • Training Program
    Canine Partners for Life

Teddie has been selected to receive an AKC Award of Excellence in the service dog category! Congratulations Teddie and Krystal on this well deserved honor!

ABCNews has published a piece on this team and their award.  Read it here!

“Teddie was matched with Krystal in the summer of 2013 and since being partnered these two have taken on life at full speed! Krystal shared, “With Teddie’s help over the last three years, I was able to graduate with three associate degrees from Cecil College. Teddie has allowed me to travel on my own on long car trips, attend regular outings with friends and family, volunteer at Canine Partners for Life, and even work a part-time job. My outlook on life has taken a complete 180 and I cannot imagine it without her.” ~Canine Partners for Life

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