Nathaniel and Zoli

  • Child's Name Nathaniel
  • Dog’s Name Zoli
  • Type of Service
    Autism / Social Service Dog
  • Child's Disability
  • Training Program

Some excerpts from a letter written by Nathan’s mother about their prior dog, Meeko.  When Meeko retired Nathaniel was matched with Zoli!
“The Dog would help Nathan transition from one place to another. The dog would help him focus on what we were doing and not all the outside stimulation that would bother Nathan. Not only would the dog help him focus but it would help us go places that we would have never thought of doing with Nathan! Nathan would also have a new best friend to tell his secrets to. I never thought losing by best friends and neighbors would lead to such a wonderful opportunity for our family. ”

“As time went by Nathan has grown and learned not to have as many outbursts but to use words and use his calming tasks. He still does have difficulty with things from time to time and uses his dog and best friend to calm him down. Meeko still helps him make friends. She listens to him read and vent. She snuggles, plays, and walks with him.”


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