Owen and Tori

  • Child's Name Owen
  • Dog’s Name Tori
  • Type of Service
    Traditional / Mobility Service Dogs
  • Child's Disability
    Spina Bifida
  • Training Program
    Power Paws Assistance Dogs

A June 2013 quote from Sharri Runnels, Executive Director Spina Bifida Association Arizona:

“Hi Kristin,

Just wanted to drop you a line to share with your funders & those who approved the service dog for Owen. He and the dog are at camp this week… it is Owen’s first overnight camp and I am sure it will be a life changer for him. Having the service dog WITH him very likely gave him the added security to make the step to be away from his family and become even more active in his self-advocacy and independence. Thanks to you guys for your part in this!


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