Fundraising Ideas

Would you just love to help raise funds for CDK, but have no idea where to start?! Not to worry – here are some great ideas which groups just like you have done to help…

North Brookfield Elementary School, MA
Pennies for Pups
Students here collected donations through a variety of ways:

  • Bake sales (for both people and dogs)
  • Doing odd jobs for donations
  • Picking up change found on the ground

The efforts of these determined students raised over $1,100 dollars to help a child be partnered with an assistance dog.

Southern Middle School, MD
Paws for Reading
Students here collected donations for pages they read in a set period of time.
Avid readers, these students raised over $3,500.

Berlin Middle School, MA
Paws for Kids, Community Walk-a-thon
Students here showed their love of exercise by walking for donations to help CDK.

Holton Arms an Landon Academy Students , Bethesda MD
Lead by one of their own, students in Bethesda organized a Saturday Basketball tournament.
Showing off their skills, they raised over $500.

Fountain Wood Elementary School, NJ
Students here played a Marathon Street Hockey event for over 6 hours to raise over $4,700.

Birthday Parties and Celebrations:
Feel like you have what you need, yet you know your friends and family want to give gifts to honor your special occasion?
Ask them to donate to CDK in your honor! It is a great way to celebrate you and pass your blessings on at the same time.
Naomi donated over $200 she received at her Bat mitzvah.

Tired of favors you know will end up in a drawer by morning?
Make a donation to CDK in honor of your guests; let them know that by celebrating with you they are helping children become more independent.

Cookouts and Parties:
Host a cookout or social event at your home for family and friends; ask them to make a donation to help CDK. A great reason to get together for a good time and you get to feel good helping others!

Athletic events:
Looking for a reason to run a tri-a-thon, become an Ironman, bike across the county, the state, the country…
Get support from those around you by doing it for CDK.
Ed of Chicago IL raised over $2,600 in his pursuit of becoming an Ironman.
Ryan and Albert biked 1/2 way across the country!

Collections at check out:
Some restaurants collect donations when customers check out…many drop in their change. Pennies and dimes add up!
Moose Creek Coffee of Leominster raised over $900.

Have a casual office day:
Have employees make a donation for the privilege of dressing casual at the office one day a week.

Sponsor events:
By hosting an event at your location, or by underwriting an event someplace else, you can enjoy the tax deduction and help CDK be successful in its mission.
Harvard General Store, Anderson Construction, and the Claw Shop are event sponsors.

Matching gifts:
On your invoice, ask clients to make a donation that you will match.

Give on behalf of your customers:
The Dog Watch fence company donates a portion of the sales for every 4 fences sold.

Sell an Item for CDK:
Pick a specific item and designate that the funds from the sale of that item go as a donation to CDK. This lets your customers know you are helping others through their purchase.

Community & Corporate Leaders